Company Profile

Oman Cables Industry (SAOG) develops, manufactures and markets a totally integrated variety of electrical products, including medium voltage power cables, low voltage power & control cables, instrumentation cables, pilot cables, overhead power transmission line conductors and building wires. OCI also offers cables with special features such as:

  • flame retardant properties
  • low smoke and fume (LSF) properties
  • cables with anti-termite sheaths
  • UV resistant outer sheath
  • lead sheath armouring

The above special features are suitable for different types of applications and environmental conditions and are produced as per customer requirement.

Oman Cables Industry plays a significant role thru "Introduced Technological Developments" and has invested in the latest world class manufacturing capabilities. OCI also assists in promoting Oman as a country at International forums and plays an important role in the industrialization of Oman.

Oman Cables Industry contributes to the infrastructural development of the country and is exporting more that 60% of its products.

OCI is serving the following customer segments:

  • Utilities
  • Building and Construction Industries
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Manufacturing

Oman Cables Industry is a young company with 26 years of Business Excellence since 1987, with a consistent profitability record, unsurpassed value creation for the shareholders, a leader in the domestic market and exports to a quality conscious customer base.

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